Sootz is an idea…

“The idea for Plato is an entity with the characteristics of immutability and perfection understood as an “ous” or as an autonomous substance or reality. The science is configured as a stable knowledge, lasting and perfect because it reflects the ideas that are immutable and perfect.”

100% of the profits from the sale of my photographs and related products, go to the Hillman Cancer Center charity.




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Every day I capture fragments from the street around me to bring me closer to the truth of the world.

The photos I take come from walks in Pittsburgh. It’s a split second where I have to bring the camera from my hand to my eye.
It’s a delicate balancing act that I perform to make sure I have the scene in the frame without disturbing it or alerting the subject. If I’m lucky enough, if my timing is right, if my touch is delicate and goes unnoticed… then I get my image.

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